Why Come to Our Center  

Our staff excels at providing you and your family with personalized and excellent health care. Our emphasis involves intertwining education, medication, and proven medical modalities to take care of your allergic disorders. We specialize in the treatment of nasal allergies, asthma, eye allergy, sinus disease, and allergic skin disorders. Below are some of the highlights of our center.


Our center is a testament to longevity for allergy and asthma treatment in Dallas. Dr. J.H. Black founded our clinic in the 1930s & Dr. James Holman carried his pioneering work forward for more than 50 years. Dr. Gupta joined in 2004 and is currently directing the clinic. Our Practice now includes a total of 5 Board Certifed Practitioners.


We offer comprehensive care for your allergic disorders including diagnosis, management, and treatment.


We pride ourselves on giving back to the community and helping those that otherwise may be unable to come to our center. We attend several health fairs a year at various venues (churches, schools, civic centers, festivals, senior citizen centers, etc.,) and offer asthma screening and informative handouts. Our doctors have given numerous talks in the community and to various corporations. All of our doctors have also been featured on TV, radio, and print.


We understand that your time is precious, and thus offer a wide variety of office hours to work with your schedule. We are open both late and early during the week so that you can see us before or after work. We also offer weekend appointments for visits and allergy shots when you just cannot getaway.


We work with a vast array of pharmaceutical companies to offer you samples of allergy medications so that you can have a free trial before filling expensive prescriptions. For all new patients, we even offer free gift bags that include many nose and sinus essentials.


Our center focuses on education and stressing the importance of using medications effectively and correctly. Thus, we type our prescriptions, provide typed/detailed instructions after each visit, provide online access to your health records, demonstrate how to use various asthma & allergy devices, and distribute education handouts so that you know exactly what our providers recommend.


We are located on major hospital campuses. Currently we have offices at Southwestern Health Resources Dallas, Baylor Scott & White University Medical Center in Dallas, Baylor Regional Medical Center in Plano. That way you have the ability to see many providers in the same place and are afforded the ability to perform any necessary diagnostic tests in one location.


Our offices are designed to be easily accessible and comfortable. We offer various amenities like refreshments and diversions (television, reading material) so that the time you are with us is as rewarding as possible. As always, we strive to provide specialized & individualized care to all patients and look forward to working with you. Your greatest compliment is the referral of your friends and family members.


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